Finding a Good Mattress

This is a fairly straightforward story about three healthcare professionals who, after a combined 28 years experience of treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions, were determined to thoroughly investigate and establish the correlation between a patient’s sleeping arrangements and musculoskeletal health. good mattress

As osteopaths, we’ve consulted thousands of patients about their pain problems – yet sleep and mattress problems affect so many of our patients that we were almost forced to take a very special interest in it. good mattress

And so we decided to take a long, hard look at what mattresses we could recommend our patients to improve the quality of their sleep. good mattress

But we didn’t do what most people do:

We didn’t just take the word of the retailer

We didn’t just take the word of the manufacturer

Why didn’t we do this? We found there wasn’t a single retailer, or manufacturer in the industry who could back their bedding claims with clinical or scientific significance.

There is no scientific consensus on what constitutes a good mattress, but spurred by the anguish of our patients, we were determined to develop a reliable testing procedure we could then use to design our own effective bedding system.

Thus the PrescriBED model was born – taking the guesswork out of bedding.

Your Body Deserves a Good Mattress

About the Founders

Dr Jarrod Alivizatos is a registered osteopath who works in private practice in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. He has a special interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions with a structural focus. By having an understanding of both acute and chronic pain syndromes Jarrod believes that we can assist the body with its own inherent capacity to heal itself. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Jarrod has been fundamental in blending the manufacturing and research components into one. Jarrod’s strong understanding of research and development has brought the PrescriBED concept to life.

Dr George Michael is an osteopath in clinical practice in the inner bayside city of South Melbourne. Dr Michael specialises in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. He has a special interest in the field of hyperbaric medicine for the treatment of complicated musculoskeletal issues. Combining his knowledge of engineering and medicine, George has been pivotal in the research, design and testing of the mattress range for PrescriBED.

Dr James Hagi also works in the inner bayside area of South Melbourne alongside Dr Michael. James is a strong believer in the osteopathic tenet that structure governs function. James has been instrumental in developing designing and implementing the scientific process of assessing and evaluating the methodology used in the prescriptive process.