I have often struggled with a sore lower back but since having a PrescriBed mattress tailored for me, I haven’t experienced any pain at all.  With the training I do, recovery is such an important part of keeping my body healthy so having a good night’s sleep is essential.

Lenny Hayes

“After going through the diagnostic testing, PrescriBed developed the best mattress for me, which has given me amazing results and allowed me a better quality of sleep, for longer.  As an athlete, my training schedule is demanding and there’s no better remedy than a good night’s sleep so I would recommend PrescriBed to anyone who wants to look after their health properly.”

Nick Riewoldt

My new bed and pillows have allowed me to sleep without any pain for the first time in years. The staff really knew what they were talking about in regards to mattresses and also the affects on the body. Quality sleep is way too important to live a life without it.

Leon Akritidis

“Sleep is the best form of recovery and obviously with our players undertaking high pre-season loads, and focussing heavily on recovering from games in-season, sleep allows them to recuperate from the game or heavy training loads.”

St Kilda’s Sport Scientist Simon Kearney

“The results I’ve had after sleeping on a PrescriBed mattress are fantastic. My partner has to get up earlier than me in the morning, and I often got woken up. Since having our mattress custom-made, I’ve been able to sleep through those times and wake feeling refreshed and recovered.”

Ben McEvoy

I particularly liked that assessment method and the fact that there are many options so the odds of getting one that’s right are pretty high. I truly believe the beds are very reasonably priced and the turn around time from order to delivery was really fast. I’ve had my bed for a couple of months now and I am still amazed at how incredibly comfortable it is. I can definitely feel the difference in my back and posture!


Eleanor Bilston

The bed has alleviated my pain levels during the night, I do not wake with aching hips in the middle of the night. I feel supported from the moment I lay down and enjoy my rest every night. If I sleep on another bed, I really look forward to getting back into my bed, knowing I will have a fantastic rest and feel less achy in the morning.

I actually feel when I get up in the morning a lot less stiff and sore and feel very rested. Best money I have ever spent and would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you don’t have major issues like mine, you will benefit by sleeping on this bed. We have our backs for a long time and this mattress really does look after it.

The assessment was easy and very professional and I felt George was really ensuring he found the right mattress to match me. Go for It, you will be so pleased you did. I am a BIG FAN !!!!!

Can you say it…I will…Im in LOVE WITH MY BED :-)

Kerrie Hughes