As healthcare professionals we have been researching pillows for over 10 years. Throughout this time we have come across many pillows that have not facilitated an individuals needs. In fact they aggravated their conditions. We have found that fitted Technogel pillows provide the appropriate musculoskeletal support.

The technogel pillows are:

  • Certifited by the Ergonomic Institute of Munich
  • Certifited by the San Raffaele Sleep Center Milan
  • Certifited by the Le Molinette Sleep Center of Turin
  • Proven to reduce restlessness and position changes
  • Surpasses Oeko-Tex 100 health & environmental standards
  • Improves circulation, pressure relief & moisture conduction
  • Proven to increase deep sleep rate & earlier sleep on-set
  • Tested to withstand 300,000 pressure cycles without deformation
  • Non-toxic, no plastizers, no mineral oils, no harmful substances
  • Proven to moderate skin temperature during the total sleep cycle
Supporting sleepy heads everywhere – our range of pressure relieving pillows are ergonomically designed to support all shapes and sizes. From Classic to Anatomic there is a pillow made for you.

Image of Pillow with styles and dimensions

As well as being a pleasure, comfortable sleeping is what you really need for comfortable living. After a disturbed and unsatisfying night’s sleep, we have all experienced the feeling of waking up tired, listless and in a bad mood. After long research and in-depth study, Technogel, the material that has revolutionized comfort in all the main sectors that influence a person’s wellbeing, has also proved to be an excellent support for improving the quality of one’s sleep. Technogel moulds itself to each individual user’s physical structure, whichever it may be, deforming in all directions, contrary to the most commonly used materials which deform just in one direction. Pressure is therefore evenly distributed over the entire contact surface generating a substantial reduction in pressure peaks in those areas liable to intense stress.

This leads to a marked improvement in blood circulation and, as a consequence, to clear reduction in the number of movements due to the need of changing position, which often interrupt sleep and make it restless. The excellent thermal conductivity of Technogel, which is higher any other material used to make mattresses and pillows, helps maintaining the body temperature at a constantly lower level compared to other supports. This encourages a substantial reduction in perspiration and therefore ensures a pleasant sensation of comfort in all seasons.

Finally, the unique construction and nature of the Technogel gives you an hygienic interface where to sleep, not allowing the growth of bacteria and mites. Technogel is the best support to allow a deep, uninterrupted and truly restful sleep and is committed to innovation and to caring for the wellbeing and health of your clients.