St Kilda Football Club Healthier Sleep Partnership.

As part of our association with elite athletes, PrescriBed has forged a new partnership with the St Kilda Football Club.

Research shows that sleep leads athletes to better perform and the Saints have already seen a marked improvement in the quality of sleep they get a night since being consulted by PrescriBed.

“Sleep is the best form of recovery and obviously with our players undertaking high pre-season loads, and focussing heavily on recovering from games in-season, sleep allows them to recuperate from the game or heavy training loads,” St Kilda’s Sport Scientist Simon Kearney said.

“The most important part of sleep is having a mattress that is actually custom made to suit your particular body. It supports players where they need support and we’ve done some in-house studies that show the quality of sleep has improved for a number of players that have PrescriBed mattresses.”

PrescriBed assessments provide individuals with access to a combined diagnostic and clinical process to aid them in ensuring they have the right mattress for their lifestyle and body type.

Benefits include having better general health and wellbeing, cognitive function, increased recovery, as well as anti ageing effects.

“After going through the diagnostic testing, PrescriBed developed the best mattress for me, which has given me amazing results and allowed me a better quality of sleep, for longer.  As an athlete, my training schedule is demanding and there’s no better remedy than a good night’s sleep so I would recommend PrescriBed to anyone who wants to look after their health properly.” Nick Riewoldt

The benefits of a good night sleep are incomparable for elite athletes of all disciplines. If you’re serious about looking after your health a PrescriBed Mattress offering improved quality of sleep is a step in the right direction.