Post Exercise Recovery Vital For Athletes

Source: 15/11/13

Sleep is Vital for Recovery - Post Exercise Recovery 

St Kilda’s senior players will return to the club for pre-season training on Monday, spending just over a week at the club before jetting off to Boulder, Colorado.

With a heavy focus on high-altitude training in the week leading up to the Saints’ high altitude training camp, the club’s Sports Scientist Simon Kearney said it was vital players train hard and recover well to best prepare.

”Post exercise recovery is as important as the training so your body can perform at its peak performance,” he said.

“I firmly believe sleep is the best form of recovery. We’re working to install sleeping rooms at Linen House Centre to complement the training and recovery programs we already have in place.”

Kearney said it was important athletes chose the right mattress that will allow an individual to relax and initiate sleep more easily.

There is also an association between poor mattress mechanics with neck and lower back pain.

Lenny Hayes has had to manage lower back issues for some time, but since having an individually tailored mattress he hasn’t suffered.

“I have often struggled with a sore lower back but since having a PrescriBed mattress tailored for me, I haven’t experienced any pain at all.  With the training I do, recovery is such an important part of keeping my body healthy so having a good night’s sleep is essential,” Hayes said.