Samantha Armytage Credits Sleep with Weightloss

IF you’re struggling to lose weight, Samantha Armytage has some advice: stay in bed.

The Sunrise presenter says getting a good night’s sleep has been her secret weapon in dropping two dress sizes.

“My doctor worries about the time I get up and she says if I feel tired she’d rather I had a nap than go to the gym,” Armytage told Woman’s Day.

“She says I’d lose more weight sleeping than working out … sleep is number one for me and then exercise.”

Samantha Armytage says she’s dropped about 12kg since following her doctor’s orders.

Armytage said her Chinese medicine practitioner emphasised a consistent sleeping pattern due to her 3.40am wake-up call for her breakfast TV duties.

“My priority has been to get a really decent seven or eight hours’ sleep a night,” she said.

Armytage, 37, said she was “probably a bit more curvy” when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2011.

“I was a bit heavier than I am now. I don’t know how much heavier, probably 10 to 12kg,” she told Woman’s Day.

“I’m not sure why it became such a big thing.”

She has also given up alcohol on weeknights and cut coffee from her diet.

“There’s no miracle cure, but if I eat well and do a bit of exercise and get decent sleep and have some fun, I can drop a couple of kilos in a week,” Armytage said.